Apply the GTP method and enhance your productivity


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ThinkingRock is a very good application if you want to organize your time and plan your tasks in order to improve your productivity. It is based on GTD methodology (Getting Things Done), which is one of the most important productivity methodologies nowadays.

ThinkingRock helps you planning your tasks and the workflow so you can prioritize the pending tasks and optimize your time. If you decide to use ThinkingRock you'll feel how your productivity is increased thanks to GTD method by David Allen, the stress-free productivity methodology.

The panels in the program are different for each phase of the process: Setup, Collect, Process and Organize, review and do. The criteria, context ad topic will be important when deciding what to do. ThinkingRock will help you prioritize the tasks according to the physical and mental status you'll have to be in.

Remember that in the GTP Method the To-Do lists are the basic stones to manage the project and finish it perfectly and in time.
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